Well, it's been a while since I've updated my site...

Eventhough it was summertime I have kept myself pretty busy. I spent quite some time in the studio recording stuff for my solo album. I still have a long way to go but I like where things are going. I'll keep you updated...

On monday I'm gonna start teaching at Rock City Institute. A new music college in Eindhoven. Besides giving guitarlessons I'm gonna teach musictheory. First time for me as a teacher in front of a blackboard instead of with a guitar on my lap. I'm excited!

I've also picked up the 'Maiden United' project again. It's probably gonna be released somewhere in may 2010. It's gonna be great!

And I'm spending quite some time learning all the music I'll be playing with the 'Damian Wilson Band' (DWB). We'll be hitting the stage in less than a month. Check out my 'live' section...

Within Temptation will release a new live album; "An Acoustic Night at the Theatre". It's a live recording of one of the theatre tour shows. The last song on the album is a brandnew song called 'Utopia'
The album will be released end october/beginning of november...


I've just started recording the acoustic guitarparts for my album. I haven't done the electric parts yet but I had to do some recordings for WT and I still have that really nice mic (Blue 9612) and preamp (TubeTech mp1a) I used for that at home so I thought 'why not?'

I have two really nice amps at home for testing. It's the Mr. Hector and the Alligator from Laboga. My first impression is really good. I'm gonna test them thoroughly when I get back from vacation. I'll keep you posted...


I'll be recording the drums for my own project 'For All We Know' coming weekend.
Léo Margarit will be handling the drumsticks and Stephen van Haestregt will be engineering. Good stuff!!!

Léo Margarit


Finally added some pictures in the pics section.

My studio is done!!! (well, for 99%) It was a lot of work but it turned out great!

Léo Margarit (drummer for Pain of Salvation) is coming to Holland to record my album. The recordings will start in mid june. I'm really looking forward to that!


New "For All We Know" demo uploaded on my Myspace profile.

New DWB show added. Check out my Live section...

My new studio is progressing. Hopefully it will be done in two weeks. Can't wait!!!


Yesterday Within Temptation won another 3FM award. We were voted 'Best Live Act'
Nice nice nice!!!


I've been working on my new studio for a little bit over four weeks now.
Here are some pictures of my progress...


DWB UK shows confirmed. Check out my Live section


New "For All We Know" demo (Down on my Knees) uploaded on my Myspace profile


New 'DWB' dates added...
Check out the Live section


I'm approached to become a teacher at a new music college in Eindhoven, Holland. It's called 'RockCity Institute'. The school will start in september...


Unbelievable! Yesterday Within Temptation won one of the most prestigous awards that Holland has to offer;

De Gouden Harp (The Golden Harp)

It's a prize for artists who've made themselves valuable for the Dutch music scene.I'm really happy with it.

And as if that wasn't enough we also received a Golden Award for our lastest DVD/CD 'Black Symphony'.

All the winners of this evening


Damian Wilson came over to my house to talk things through for the upcoming shows in october. We also recorded some demo's for the 'Maiden United' project. We did 'The Trooper' and 'Still Life'. This is going to be so great!!! I'll try to put some rough mixes on my myspace soon...

Damian dressed as a Mexican, ready to go to the Tilburg Carnaval


Second 'Damian Wilson Band' show booked;
check out the 'live' section...


First 'Damian Wilson Band' show booked; check out the 'live' section...


My good friend Simon Andersson (ex-Pain of Salvation)is gonna design my new website. (I really wanted to have a start for this news section so I'm going a bit back in time here ;-))


Damian, Kristoffer, Dirk and Me

Damian Wilson (Threshold, Headspace, Landmarq, Ayreon, Rick Wakeman) asked me to join his new soloband. The Damian Wilson Band will also feature Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex-Pain of Salvation, Dial) on bass, Dirk Bruinenberg (Dial, ex-Elegy) on drums and Joost vd Broek (Ayreon, ex-After Forever) on keys. We're planning to do some gigs in Holland, Belgium, Germany and the UK. More info to come...


Within Temptation decided to take the whole year 2009 off. After pretty much 7 years of constant touring we all needed some time away from the band. I will spend the year working on my solo project "For All We Know"and my acoustic Iron Maiden band "Maiden United". Other than that I'm really looking forward to work with other people again. I'm also gonna build a studio behind my new house. There I'm also gonna teach guitar... Here's a link to my myspace blog for more information.. (you might need to scroll down a little bit).