Maiden uniteD

The presale of our debut album "Mind the Acoustic Pieces" is going really well;
the CD has been ordered in 26 different countries (and counting)...

The Maiden uniteD MySpace is online (www.myspace.com/maidenunited) and this
friday there will be an exclusive pre-listening of the entire album so if you wanna
listen to it even before it's released here's your chance...


Finally another update. I've been really busy with all kinds of things:

Maiden United

I've spent the last 3 weeks finishing the upcoming album "Mind the Acoustic Pieces".
It was mixed by Maarten de Peijper at Sandlane Recording Facilities in Rijen, Holland. Tonight mastering will be finished by Erik-Jan Dodd.

Pre-ordering started last night. Visit the official website for more information or click the button to go directly to the webshop

Within Temptation

I've finished recording the new album. I recorded 6 guitarsolo's. Yes, peeps;
6!!!!!!!!!! Good stuff! Photoshoot for the artwork is scheduled next week or so...

Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua de Annique

The Dutch Clubtour in support of the new live album "Live in Europe"
started last week. We'll be gigging around Holland this and next month...

For All We Know

Today I've decided on who's is gonna mix the album. I've had the priviledge to have 6 really great mixers dive into one of my songs. I got some really great mixes. But I had to choose one; Tom Sikkers. He's a great up and coming mixer from my hometown. I'm really looking forward to get the first mixes...

I'll show you the albumcover pretty soon. It was done by Ana Correal from Colombia and I can tell you; it looks amazing!!!!!!!


Due to 'phenomenal demand' Within Temptation's Paris show on march 27th
is upgraded from the Bataclan to Le Zenith. Great news!!!!!!


Within Temptation

Good news regarding the upcoming WT tour;
an extra show in Paradiso, Amsterdam is added on tuesday march 1st
and the Londen show is upgraded from O2 Academy Shepherds Bush to the
O2 Academy Brixton.

I'm in the middle of recording the guitartracks. I'll spend this weekend with
recording two guitarsolos. Nice nice nice...

For All We Know

Recordings are 100% done and I'm looking for a great mixer right now.
Hopefully the album will be mixed and mastered by fall. Sharon den Adel did an amazing job on the track I gave her...

Maiden United

Guitars are done and next week Marco Kuypers will record the pianoparts.
Mid september Damian Wilson is coming over to record the vocals. Yesterday me and Joey decided on the direction the artwork should go into. I can tell you; it's going to be amazing!!!


I've updated the 'Live' section. I've got quite some gigs coming up. Always nice to be busy...

The new Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua de Annique album is mixed and mastered. I haven't heard everything yet but what I heard sounds very promising...


Sharon Den Adel will sing on my little canon song I wrote for my upcoming soloalbum.
I really wanted a female voice on it and of course I asked my bandmate for the last 9 years. She reacted very enthusiastically. She'll sing this song together with Wudstik, Daniel Gildenlöw (he also did an amazing job!) and Damian Wilson...

I'm gonna start recording my guitars for the new WT album this weekend. I'll be doing it in the comfort of my own studio behind my house. Looking forward to that!!!


Hello there my friends. Here's an update of what I've been up to lately and what my plans are for the near future.

I've done a couple of gigs with Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua de Annique. We've played in Turkey, Spain, France and one in my hometown. I've had an amazing time with them. Real cool people and really cool music. Something totally different from what I normally do so that makes it extra cool.

Two weeks ago Richard West, keyboard player from Threshold stayed at my house to record my guitarplaying for his soloalbum he's doing with Farrah West. Mark Zonder from Fates Warning is playing drums on that album. I feel really honoured because I used to listen to both Threshold and Fates Warning when I was a teenager.

I hope to be done with the recordings for For All We Know in two weeks. Damian Wilson was here recently to sing on one track. I got a phonecall from Daniel Gildenlöw from Pain of Salvation this morning to talk about his contribution on that same song. I'm really looking forward to receiving his files in my mailbox...

And I have a very special guest to sing on that same little piece of music. (It's a canon so I have a couple of different singers. Gonna be really cool.) I can't tell who the guest is yet but I can give you one hint; he or she has a strip of very short hair above each eye...

Today me and my buddy Joey Bruers from the Iron Maiden Tribute band Up The Irons finished the recording of his bass parts for the Maiden United album. Now it's up to me to lay down the guitar tracks.

And as if all this is not enough, I'm gonna start recording the new Within Temptation album very soon here in my studio. Looking forward to that as well.

And last but not least; I've become a father!!!
Well, no that's not true but one of my cats gave birth to two little ones. I named them Ron and Ad;


Within Temptation

Yes, after 15 months of silence we're about to hit the stages again. It's been quite a while but during our first rehearsal it was as if it had been only 2 weeks without the same lame jokes and all hahaha. But it was great to see the rest again as a group and to play some songs again!

Us enjoying the sun during our first rehearsal in 15 months

Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua De Annique

This spring/summer I'll be playing some gigs with Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua de Annique. The first will be on april 30th (a day after the last theatreshow) in Istanbul Turkey. I'm really looking forward to that!!!

For All We Know

Album is almost done (yes, I know, I told you that the last time.) Vocals are done but one track. Guitars are done but one solo. Richie Faulkner sent me an amazing guitarsolo for one track!

Maiden United

As you know the drums are done. We're gonna record the acoustic bassguitars on my off days off from the Within Temptation theatre tour. Hopefully I can start recording the guitars directly after the tour...


New Mayones promopic


(Just for laughs...)

Howdy y'all

It's been a while since my last update. My apologies my friends...

I've worked alot on my album. Guitars are done (99%), John Wesley (live guitarist Porcupine Tree) recorded an amazing guitarsolo, Hammonds are done, piano's are almost done.
Wudstik came over to my house last weekend and we've recorded 7 and a half songs. He's done an amazing job!
Last week I went to Sandlane Studio's to rerecord my mandoline parts. I was privileged to use the best mics and preamps you can find and that combined with the great studio I've got some amazing end results...

Next weekend I'll enter those same studio's to record the drums for the acoustic Iron Maiden project "Maiden United". We'll be recording the whole Piece of Mind album with new acoustic arrangements... Looking forward to it!

That's about it... See you soon...


I've added a funny picture of another variation to mispell my name. Never seen this one before...

Well, the Damian Wilson Band tour is over. It was really great to play with him, Chris Mars, Nick Slac and of course my two brothers in crime of Team Trilogy.
Here's the link of the official Damian Wilson Band website.

I'm gonna continue with 'For All We Know'. I've just borrowed a nice Avalon DI from a friend of mine so this weekend I'm gonna record basstracks for some of the songs. Kristoffer will record his fretless basstracks very soon as well. Good stuff!



Today is the first gig of the 'Damian Wilson Band' tour. We'll be playing in Spirit of 66 in Vervier, Belgium... Tomorrow is a hometown race for me when we play in the BatCave here in Tilburg. Gonna be cool!!!

Two days ago Laboga dropped off some more equipment for me to check out. I'll be using the Alligator Combo and Cabinet on this tour. Sounds really great!


Here's the trailer of the new Within Temptation live album
"An Acoustic Night at the Theatre" including the new song "Utopia"

Rehearsals for the DWB tour will start this weekend. I'm looking forward to finally play these songs with real people instead of my iTunes ;-)